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Narangah’s Minimalism Challenge

Seven Days to a Simpler Life

minimalism challenge

For Narangah’s Minimalism Challenge we invite you to join us in simplifying your life in seven steps! For the truly brave we recommend completing those seven steps in seven days, but you can also do one a week over a few weeks, or use your days off as you have them. Completing these seven steps whatever way you choose to do them will get you a simpler life, cleaner home, and more peaceful mind.

minimalism challenge

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Clean out your closet.

Be ruthless with your clothing and donate everything you haven’t worn in a year to the Salvation Army. Exceptions can be made but only for necessary articles of clothing for different activities. Example: You can keep your snow pants and ski jacket that you use once in a blue moon. That reindeer sweater you wore at Christmas one time three years ago? Toss.

24 hours of no internet browsing.

Give your brain a break from the constant chatter of facebook, twitter, news, and email. Set up an auto-reply if you need to, and turn your phone on airplane mode for 24 hours. Talk to your neighbors, visit a relative, read a book (a kindle book is fine, just don’t go browsing) and fully enjoy simple pleasures.

Clean out your inbox.

Think about the emails you actually need to receive before you open your inbox. Then think about emails you like to receive that you always open. Then head to your inbox and unsubscribe from shopping / news / social media emails that didn’t make your list. Then work your way backwards, deleting emails. Save work related or personal emails you think you might reference in the future but nothing else.

24 hours of no television.

Engage with yourself and your family and your surroundings instead of escaping into TV land. Any show you miss can probably be streamed later if you have to catch up. Let yourself sit in silence at home, or read a book. Take a walk outside. Go see a local sports game instead of watching it.

Clean out your apps on your phone.

Think about the apps you use every day. Think about the apps you like to use. Then go to your phone and put everything you use every day in folders on the first screen. Keep apps you like to use in folders on following screens. Delete the rest. If you need to use an app in the future your phone easily re-downloads them.

24 hours of no spending.

Eat all your meals at home. Read books you already own. Don’t buy gum from Amazon Prime even though it can arrive at your door in five hours – do without the gum for a day. Save every penny, and use what you have to achieve your needs for a day. If this is something you do frequently then choose a time frame that challenges you – three days. A week. Three days is a stretch for me, I usually crack and go to a coffee shop rather than make coffee at home. Challenge yourself.

Clean out your fridge.

Pull out the condiments you frequently use. Most people have between five to ten that they actually use regularly. Then go through everything left and toss expired items and things you don’t like or use. A benefit to cleaning out your fridge is now you know what you have! No buying duplicates at the store or forgetting something in the far back.

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