Football Movies To Get You Ready For Super Bowl LII

Watch along with us and feel inspired to get into this weekend’s football game between the Philadelphia Eagles and the New England Patriots.


In all the political turmoil of the past few football seasons there has been a small side effect in my life: losing a love for football. So in my quest to reconnect with the great, hulking, American tradition of the super bowl I’ve gone back to some classic films that inspire me.

Remember the Titans

There’s no other football movie that accomplishes as much for me as Remember the Titans. Released in 2000 to great critical and popular acclaim – this movie is a classic about teamwork, respect for others, self-respect, and family. I’m constantly convicted to be better and inspired to try harder by the stories told in this film. Oh – and there’s a little bit about football.

The Blind Side

Watching The Blind Side always brings tears to my eyes and warms my heart – and gets me angry at the differences in opportunities available to people from all kinds of backgrounds. It’s good to know there are people willing to make doors open for others and I want to be someone who tries to use the privileges I have in that way as well. There’s a little bit of football changing a kid’s life, too.


This movie is fun to watch – its about passion and chasing after a dream and working hard to try and do something you love. Playing football for the joy of playing is a great theme to get immersed in just before the Super bowl! This movie is a reminder that it’s not too late to try something new or change your career. Unlikely things do happen and when opportunities arise we’ve got to jump on board and go for it!

Silver Linings Playbook

I had to throw this in here since there’s a chunk of the story woven into the success of the Philadelphia Eagles. This movie has so much good stuff in it – parenting, sibling relationships, heartbreak, mental illness, dance… it brings the warm and fuzzy feelings as well as giving us moments of belly laughing. So why not use it to renew your love of watching football – since that’s what the characters do in this pick!

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